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This is not just krupuk usual but this is a very useful krupuk, 

in fact many usefull, and helpful nutritious for help  stomach disease, magg, evidently, are you still not believe it??, just try it ajah ....


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krupuk is made of leather cow / goat this the process:

Cowhide processed before, there is fat in the skin attached. Fat, the first taken with the cut using a knife. After the skin is free from fat, a new process for making the skin.

While snippets of fat that is not used, used for making skin krupuk and rambak. "Waste cowhide, we krupuk it to be material, so that it can produce,"

To obtain skin waste, he added, quite easily, either beef or goat, because the raw materials are abundant rambak.

However, the constraints of making krupuk rambak this, still depends on the sun.

Water soaked gamping
The process of krupuk skin and rambak, quite easily. Waste cow skin that is not used, first soaked in a bathtub that is given gamping for two days. After the waste and the split skin does not smell, then dried under the blazing sun in a long time.
leather cow / goat and then processed into krupuk skin rambak and vegetables after the drying process. To krupuk leather, material patchwork, and given the fried ingredients and use cooking oil.

While making krupuk rambak, waste leather is cut according to the size of dried, fried and then use sand that has been cleaned from the dust mixture. "Fried-use of sand, in addition to saving costs, the result is good because it can last longer,"
Price krupuk skin and rambak, sold Rp 50.000 - Rp 67.000/kg. Every day, krupuk skin and taken rambak traders who come from within and outside the building, and then distributed to the ward and to other regions


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ini bukan sekedar krupuk biasa

tapi ini krupuk yang sangat bermanfaat

terbukti berkhasiat untuk membantu

menyembuhkan penyakit lambung, magg, 

terbukti, kalo g percaya, coba ajah....

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